Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is located 35 km west of HuaHin ane has been built on the site of former elephant corral. Founded by the man who invented the energy drink Red Bull, Khun Chalerm Yoovidhya, HuaHin Hills Vinyard is the first vineyard in Prachuab Kiri Khan province, and The new home of MoonSoon Valley Wines.

     In Thailand There are now at least six major wineries producing grape wines well under 18 degree north of the equator. The new concept of growing wine – making grapes in the 14 and 18 latitudinal parallels has become known as “New Latitude Wines”.

     Over the past ten year, countries such as Brazil, Chaina, Indonesia, Southern India, their wine industries and reputation by understanding tropical viticulture and winemaking. Traditionally, grapes for wine-making have been grown in the 30 and 50 Parallels of the northern and southern hemispheres.