The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a very attractive place for tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, etc from small boats. It is during the early mornings that the three floating market of Dammoen Saduak are seen at their best. Even by 8 am, the markets are already buzzing with life, but you will still be able to navigate the canals and channels to enjoy the riches of fruits, vegetables and other traditional delicacies that Thailand offers.


     The Bridge over The River Kwai is called “Death Railway Bridge" as part of linking Thailand and Myanmar, During the Japanese occupation of Thailand in World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army brought the iron bridge from Java. It was then resembled by Allied Prisoners of War(POW) under Japanese aimed to secure supplies with which to conquer other western Asian countries. First, they constructed the wooden bridge and follow by the iron bridge. Both bridges were badly damaged by Allied plane attacks in 1944 and 1945.


     The name JEATH is derived from countries, which engaged in the WWII Death Railway construction from 1942-1945, which included Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland. Located in the area of Wat Chai Chumphon, the museum is a reconstruction of the POW’s thatched detention hut with cramped, elevated bamboo dunks. On the wall fo the huts, photographs and illustrations of the POW’s living conditions are on display. The survived POW’s have donated items to the museum.


     Tham Krasae (The Death Railway) This cave was the camp of POW in WWII, is located 55 kilometers from Kanchanaburi, beside the viaduct side of the “Death Railway” overlooking Kwai Noi River and Raft House. The cave is within walking distance from the railway tracks of Tham Krasae Railway Station, the most beautiful view point along travelling by train Kanchanaburi-Namtok Train Station.


Damnern Saduak Floating Market is located 80kms. southwest of Bangkok. It is a daily riot of colour and noise. Farmers and smallholders from the surrounding hills turn up each morning to sell and exchange canals amongst the orchards and vineyars. Take a long tailed speed boat to the main part of the floating market and touching the old Thai life and cultural style.

On the way, we visit “Tao Tarn” making and tasting sugar palm.

Continue to Karnchanaburi Province and overview with the Death Railway Bridge looks quite ordinary, but its dramatic story in World War II. Take a train ride along part of the “Death Railway”, passing the dangerous looking wooden viaduct built along the mountain.

Visit the JEATH Museum, represent the nationalities of the prisoners of the World War II who were forced to work on the construction of the famous "Bridge On The River Kwai".

• Pick up in the morning time at your lobby hotel in Bangkok (central area).
• Depart to Damnern Saduak Floating Market.
• Visit Tao Tarn.
• Transfer to the ferry pier take a long tailed speed boat to Damnern Saduak
  Floating Market central area.
• Free time enjoy your trip until transfer to Karnchanaburi Province.
• Visit Death Raiway Bridge.
• Take the train along part of The Death Railway.v • Lunch at Thai local restaurant.
• Visit JEATH Museum.
• Back to your hotel.

Private Tour
 Your Group Size
1 pax 2 paxs 3 paxs 4 paxs 5 paxs 6 paxs 7 paxs 8 paxs
 Price per person
 (Thai Baht)
6,900 3,950 3,500 3,200 2,950 2,700 2,450 2,250

• FOC for one child under 5 years.
• 75% for child 6-10 years.
• 100% for child 11 years up.

Trip inclusive:
• Round Trip Transfer.
• Long Tailed Speed Boat (150 Baht would be charged for paddle boat).
• JEATH Museum Entrance Fee.
• Train Ticket.
• Lunch at Thai local restaurant.
• English Speaking Guide.

*** Time and Program are subjected to change without advance notice due to the guide
      or driver’s consideration under an unexpected circumstance.